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Yo listen up TNT Users!
Custom TNT Driver to Play Games Wednesday, 02:18pm CDT
Warning: the following driver is custom-made and may cause unexpected results. The driver is a combination of nVidia's 3.53 drivers and 3.65 drivers. The results were amazing for a couple of people running 3D games such as Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. However, I can not guarantee anything....

printer nec drivers
hi there anyone have driver for nec superscript 660plus

New forum ???
but I don't have the "new topic" feature ...

Anyway, I like this one.


Anthony Toste ! You little @#!@!
I spent about 6 F**KING hours last night trying to get the SB Live to work in Windows 2000. What a joke. I had it down perfectly. All the controls worked. But of course no god damn sound. I noticed the device still said 'do not map to this device' so I unchecked that. Back to square one with no sound, and controls don't work. Theoretically it should have worked. All...

No opengl or d3d tabs for driver 3.66
I have TNT2 ultra running win2k pro 2195. all is fine except that there is no tabs on driver 3.66 for overclocking or anything at all for that matter.

Cant play games off of cdrom in windows 2000
I dont know what the problem is its all games that need a cd in the drive to play they dont work. Like ut will work but all games that need a cd in the drive will just say please insert cd. I just dont get it.

Oki 4w Making win2k using 100% CPU each 5sec
Hi folks,

I'm having a problem here.. I've got a OKIDATA 4W (not the plus model).
And when i install the NT4 drivers for win2k the printing works fine, but then after a few secs the computer starts to "hang" every 5secs for about half a sec.. And that's very annoying, any ideas to why it does this?

When i...

ACPI under Win2k

I have a AX59 Pro Super7 motherboard with the latest bios revision, the processor is an AMD K6-2 350. I'm trying to get ACPI to work under Win2k. I had no luck under Windows 98, but the bios shows ACPI enabled and that the IRQ is 9. This does not show up, however. Does someone know how to enable ACPI, even if it has to be done...

I hate companies that make scanners!!
What is the deal with scanner manufacturers?? I've been looking at midrange scanners (i.e. HP4200cxi, Epson 636u) And both companies are NOT supporting win2k. Epson will support about every scanner but the 636u, and HP isn't supporting hardly any scanners. Is it that hard for these people to write dirvers or what? They all seem to have drivers for the low end...

Any win2k tweaks for Geforce card
There are tweaks for the geforce video cards under windows 98 such as overclocking and gamma control. Does anyone know if this can be done under win2k at this time?

MS Sidewinder Force Feedback
I noticed that the MS FF joystick has been added to the works in Win2k list on the this site. How did you get it to work? What driver did you use? What build of Win2k? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated as I have not been able to get it to work on build 2072.

What is the big difference.......
I am sorry and I hope that this doesn't start a huge post session but I am trying to get to the bottom of this in order to help others with similar problems. What is so different with NT5 usb support and Win98 usb? There can't be that much difference as the protocols should be identical. I want to re-write my drivers to make them work with Win2k. I don't have any...

SB Live and W2K Retail
I may have missed such discussion previously due to my workload - (not much time for surfing)

Does the retail edition on Win2K support the SB Live natively without needing to disable PCI Steering and do the other funky stuff?


I don't suffer...

Windows 2000 hang problem
Whenever I startup Windows, it loads like normal up until after the taskbar and systray loads, after that it just hangs and if i let it go, i have to wait like 5 minutes for the icons to appear or if i choose Shut Down from the start menu, the icons just suddenly appear, while its hanging i cannot click or right click on the desktop, it did this before i formatted and...

new drivers 3dfx voodoo 3 & D3D
i downloaded the voodoo3 beta drivers
and i read D3D idc....etc
but the D#D option it's grayed (i can't chek it)
and .... i play to homeworld but ,i can't play in glide or open glide but in Direct 3D
sorry i don't understand i have read on this
site (can play in OPglide with Homeworld....)
me i...

driver for generic volume prevents Hibernation
I used to have the Ensonique sound card in my puter. Didn't like the way it sounded in Win2k as it crackled. Tried all sorts of driver updates. Replaced with XWAVE card from Yamaha and that ROCKS! Now though, when I try Hibernation, I get message that the generic driver for Volume is preventing my going into hibernation. Anyone got ideas which darn driver this...

TNT Video Card problem
I found some beta drivers from NVida that work good with my ASUS TNT card. But the only problem is it doesnt support my video out! Anyone know of any drivers that enable this?

ESS sound card
I have a laptop (prostar) with a ESS 1869 sound card in it. Currently it is using the standard Microsoft drivers for it. The only problem is there is no sound. Sound worked fine in windows 98 but not in 2000. Is there any way to fix it

Iomega Zip zoom SCSI card, how to install it in W2k?
Anyone can tell me how to install ISA Iomege zip zoom card for SCSI ZIP 100 in W2K? Do i just run Ioware 2.0? I tried installing the generic AHA-Adaptec scsi controller driver(equivalent to zip zoom in W98) from W2K CD and it gives me a blue screen.


Why win2k is loosing my modem?
I have external 33.6 modem and i have istalled it as standard 33600 modem. But almost every day win2k looses it ... in modem options there is only 33600 standard modem and attached to field there is NONE (it should be com2). Can anyone help me please???

How do I change the cdrom cache in 2000 final ?
Subject says it all

RIVA TNT Win2K Drivers
This has been a pain for me, I've been searching for drivers for my TNT card to be used for Windows 2000 but have been unable to find any. Are there any drivers available?

I'd appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

Windows2000 & Voodoo2 update
Voodoo2 on Friday to the general public for use in an "as is"
capacity. These drivers will not be WHQL certified, but will be
tested for compatibility by 3dfx. The Voodoo2 under Windows 2000
should be expected to behave as in a multimonitor configuration.

Black screen w/ Voodoo3 in half life
Whenever I open up Half Life I can usually get into a game for the first time using the retail win2k drivers for my Voodoo3, but then if i hit escape, and then come back into the game, the screen goes black again, although i can still hear sounds and am still in teh game. Sometimes it does this the first time i enter the game. Help.


On the tawain site
also I noticed this announcement

Windows 2000 Drivers
Microsoft has incorporated VIA drivers into the Windows 2000 opeating system. No new drivers are available at this time.

Some users may be experiencing limited USB support with Windows 2000. This problem will be corrected...

hp cd-writer plus 8100
yo i have a hp cd-writer plus 8100 and for some reason i cant get it to work...I installed the latest adaptec aspi drivers that i found on TUTAJURLhttp://www.win2kworld.comSRODEKhttp://www.win2kworld.comURLKUNIEC but i still get the same result... like, i tried to burn a bin file in cdrwin, the process completes successfuly but then when i put the cd in my...

Banshee/Gamma Help!
A fresh/clean install of Win2k lets 3D games work on my Banshee, but 3d games have always been dark at default Gamma settings. After loading up Kool Smoky's Control Panel to adjust my gamma, 3D no longer works on the Banshee. Im going to re-install Win2k to get 3D working again - but I need a way to make Direct3D games brigher. What registry keys do I need to add and...

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